MoneyCare + Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is MoneyCare +?


MoneyCare + is a software to keep record and calculate Income and Expenses of Individual or Home or Business.


2) What is the inspiration to make MoneyCare +?


This software is made just because...many accounting packages are too complex for a layman user, and also because of the fact that the layman wants to know only Income and Expense details about his Home/Business, and he does not want to know about any complex reports such as trial balance, balance sheet etc.


3) How can I make MoneyCare + software fully functional?


After paying cost of this software, you will be given User ID and a Registration/License Key. Enter your User ID and Registration Key in Register submenu given in Help menu on MoneyCare + software interface. For getting User ID and Registration/License key,   please visit


4) What is Default Password of MoneyCare +?

admin (case sensitive)

5) What is MDAC 2.6 (Microsoft Data Access Component version 2.6)?


MoneyCare + is available with MDAC and without MDAC. MoneyCare + without MDAC is provided to save download time. Generally, this component is required as a part of database storage using MS Access in database (user inputs or entries) storage needed programs.In operating systems Windows 2000 or higher (ME, XP), Microsoft Data Access Component (MDAC 2.6) or higher is already installed. So no need of installing this component separately. 
If you have downloaded MoneyCare + version without MDAC, make sure MDAC 2.6 or higher is installed in the system prior to the installation of MoneyCare +, especially in Windows 9X and NT. You may download MoneyCare + version with MDAC from our website. Alternatively, You may download Microsoft Data Access Component 2.6 (MDAC 2.6) or higher versions from Product and Update Downloads section in the Microsoft website. Free Download may take around 10 minutes using 10 Kbps transfer rate (may vary according to speed and other periodic changes).


6) How can I do initial setup of MoneyCare +?


For initial setup of MoneyCare + on your computer, you may use Setup Wizard that will be started automatically during first running of the program after installation. Alternatively, you may choose Setup Wizard from the Setup menu on software interface.


7) What should I enter if I do not have to specify Unit or Branch or particular House?


If you do not want to specify Unit/Branch/House (Eg: Sales Division, Production Unit, Office, Home etc.), you may again enter what that is entered for username. However, there should be at least one entry in Unit/Branch/House, since program may require to detect transactions corresponding it. You may enter Your Name/Business Name there, if you do not have specific Unit/Branch/House.


8) How can I get Report on specific Unit/Branch/House?


To get Income-Expense report on each Unit/Branch/House, use Advanced option in the report section.


9) How can I clear Report page from program interface?


To clear Report page from the program interface, use Clear Screen option given in the View menu.


10) While adding Income/Expense I feel difficulty to select each item from scroll down menu. What can be done?


While adding Income/Expense, you may use Tab/Enter and Up/Down arrow keys for selection. Instead of selecting items in the combo box using Mouse pointer and Up/Down arrow keys, you may type starting letters on the keyboard to display each. During continuous entries, Tab/Enter key can be used repeatedly if you need cursor to be on the Amount typing space.


11) What should I do to avoid Password prompt?


You can avoid password if Bypass Password option in the Default Settings window is checked On. If Bypass Password option in the Default Settings window is unchecked, enter Default Password 'admin' (case sensitive) while password is asked to start MoneyCare +. You may change password according to your wish using Change Password option. While changing password, if user leave blank space only in the New Password area and clicks OK, then program will accept blank space in password field while logging to the program. Change Password option will be active only if Bypass Password option is unchecked in Default Settings window. Please note that product Registration/License Key is different from password option in the program.


12) Why my program is not functioning after 5 days? How can I get Registration Key or License?


Evaluation period expires on 5 days from the date of installation. After paying cost of the software, MoneyCare + can be activated again by entering User ID and Registration Key that will be provided to you. To register MoneyCare +: click Help, click Register and then enter User ID and the Registration/License Key. For getting User ID and Registration/License key, please visit


13)  What type of Date format MoneyCare + supports?


MoneyCare + supports Date format that starts with 'm', Eg: mm/dd/yyyy.

ie. month/date/year


14) What is Export to CSV?


If you require to save/store MoneyCare + report pages, you should use Export to CSV File given in File menu. Export to CSV File command exports/saves the contents that are shown in the report page to a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file. Reports from MoneyCare + saved in CSV file format can be opened by standard spreadsheet programs like MS Excel. CSV (Comma Separated Variable) files are widely used in compatible with standard spreadsheet programs like MS Excel.


15) While starting MoneyCare +, I am getting message like this 'Please make sure that you have appropriate rights in your machine. Otherwise application will not work properly'. What should I do?


This usually happens in Guest logins or any other login that does not have rights for writing to Windows system folder or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE part of the Windows registry. The Administrator of this computer can assign appropriate rights for you by using Users and Password/User Accounts option in Windows Control panel.


16) What is name of MoneyCare + data file? Why this file is important?


Name of the database file is MoneyCarePlus.mdb. This is an MS Access file containing every data entered in MoneyCare + program. Normally it will be in the installed folder.


17) What is Backup Database?


You can Backup the data file using Backup Database option given in File menu. Backup Database is to keep a copy of the database file in another location of Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, Pen Drive etc. Regular backup of the specified database is advisable. Therefore, even if computer crashes or database is corrupted due to power failure or other means, you can again run MoneyCare + program by opening backed up database file from the backed up location.


18) Why should I use Open Database?


You need not select database each time you start MoneyCare + program. After the first installation, Database file in installed folder will open automatically. If you want to open another database like previously backed up database or database file from another location, then you will have to select it using Open Database.


19) What is Compact Database?


Compact Database is to compact the Database as its name implies. Data file may happen to have irregularity, if you have done certain tasks like deleting old data, deleting category etc. Compact Database can rectify it. Compact Database may be done to speed up program, especially when Database size is more than 5 MB.


20) Report page is not showing any transaction, why is it so ?


Firstly, verify if there was any transaction entries in the Date and Unit you selected. Please note Date is mm/dd/yy format. Then make sure you had selected appropriate Unit, Date and Categories in Report options. If Report is not showing transactions again, check with backed up database file (if any) using Open Database.


21) After entering new Unit in User Info page, I cannot see it in Add Income/Expense window. Why is it so ?


Please make sure that you have clicked OK button after relevant entries in User Info window.


22)After assigning keys in Menu Shortcut Keys, window is not appearing when relevant key is pressed. Why is it so ?


Please make sure that you have clicked OK button after clicking Assign button.  

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