KTS InfoMate Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What is KTS Infomate?


KTS InfoMate is software which is used to manage digital signage solutions to various sectors.It is P.C managed software.


2.      What do you meant by Digital Signage?


      Digital Signage is a broad term used to describe the use of digital screens like LCD/LED or plasma Displays. Digital Signage displays can be found in both public and private environments includes retail store, restaurants, cinema theatres, educational institution and corporate buildings amongst other locations.


3.     What are the key features of  KTS Infomate?


· This software helps the user to control and configure Digital Signage Device and its contents Remotely from Anywhere Using private Network or internet.

·  Easy to use and configure.

· Can create Manually Size Adjustable Multiple Screens on a single Display device.

· Can Display Multiple Formats like Images, video, Flash, Text  at the same time on a single display device

· Can Schedule the time to show a particular message or content.

· Supports various File Formats.

· Remotely monitor each display device.

·Compactable with all Digital Signage hardware’s like All in one Pc’s, LCD/LED /Outdoor displays,Displays with PC’s Mounted independently.


4.      How KTS Infomate Differ from others digital signage software?


 This is a digital signage software were the user has the complete control of the digital signage display.User can manage the digital signage content from a remote location by using his personnal comuter. User can Can Schedule the time to show a particular message or content.

5.      What are contents in which KTS Infomate package is shipped with.?


       KTS Infomate is purely a software to manage the digital signage content. It contains two modules .


KTS InfoMate Client: This module enables the user to create the notice contents and send it to the remote IP Based device (KTS InfoMate Server) which in turn is connected to the LCD Wall Monitor. The client can be your computer which has InfoMate client software installed as a thick client (Desktop Application) or as a thin client (Application which displays on Browsers).


KTS Infomate Server: This module will display the contents in the LCD Monitor fitted to the wall of the notice board. This Internet Protocol (IP) based device will receive Digital Notice contents as XML over HTTP/TCP Transport from KTS InfoMate Client which is located elsewhere in the network / internet.

6.      What are the system requirements for installing KTS InfoMate?


Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and above

Windows XP SP2 or Higher versions of Windows

128 MB RAM,256 MB  recommended.

Hard Disk Space Minimum 10 GB.

Minimum Screen Resolution 1024 x 768.

Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher.

Should have administrative rights to install and run this program





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